The Greatest Success Idea in Life & Business Is From = Bible



This is a challenging course andspoken essaythat combines powerful insights on how to build your life and business as an Entrepreneur, from a Saint who was also an Entrepreneur. You will be surprised, and Ibelieve amazed, at some of the spiritual as well as business success wisdom that we will find in a letter writtenby the Christiantradition Saint, Saint Paul.I will challenge you no matter what your faith or belief to consider this wisdom, however no one is trying to convert you or change you in any way. If you are afollower of the faith you will find that much of your traditionwill be reinforced with some powerfulinsights that will helpyou to better integrate your faith and your business practices and principles.In this one hour of thoughtful challenges you will discover the keys to success that you can use and teach to others. In fact many of the studentsthat you teach will be awed by your wisdom, insight, and truth.Join me, an let’s learn together,Stan.