The Greeting Card Business: Design and Sell Your Own Cards



This class is for the artist, cartoonist, photographer or crafter who wants to learn aboutthegreeting card business.Whether you want to sell cardsinto stores, sell online, license to publishers, or work at a company, this course will cover the fundamentals ofhow to get started in thegreeting card business.Topics of this course include the professional card design such as themes,colors, patterns,text, and sizes,and how to get your cardsinto the marketplace through stores, apps and licensing. There is a final project tocreate six cards and the option to post them in an onlinecommunity gallery.This class is taught by Kate Harper,a designer whohas worked in the card industry for 20 years and has published over a 1,000 cards. Shewrites a blog on new trends in the greeting card businessand doesinterviews andindustryresearch on the market. She alsomoderatesa greeting card designcommunity group.