The House Dance Masterclass: A Creative approach to learning the foundation of house dance, Turning 1 dance move into 1000 moves and creative your own unique dance style.Welcome the only dance course that teaches you how hack the system and learn what the pros took years to learn.Have you always wanted to learn how to house dance but the steps just seemed too difficult? Do you never know how to start? This course is designed to not only teach you the foundation of house dancing but also to show how to unleash your inner creativity.Are you overwhelmed by the intricate steps involved with learning house?Are you trying to learn new moves and break plateaus?Easily learn the framework I use to make up new movesLearn what the pros don’t teach but DO!ZERO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!When you are at a club or at a party become the center of attention!Be so confident on the dance floor that no one can take their eyes off youLearn intricate moves easily and painlesslyBe a BADASS dancer!This Course is broken down into 4 Modules and over 50 videos!:The GrooveLearn the basic groove that makes house dance – houseUse the groove to stay on beat and dance without running out of movesThe Steps/TechniquesLearn the steps and technique of your favorite dance movesDynamic ModuleLearn the different factors to turning a single move into an ARSENAL of moves.Learn the secrets the PROS use to look confident in their danceCreation MethodLearn to craft your own style using very easy conceptsI have also included a BONUS section for Motivation and growing as a dancer and person.The best part about this course is you can go as fast or as slow as you want.Learn all the moves but continue to go back and master each move so you can destroy the dance floor.You don’t need to practice everything, just take your favorite moves and master those.