Become a Swift Programming God.Learn everything from basic Swift coding to advanced Core Animation in this course complete with updates, source code access, and additional learning resources to guide you to becoming a mobile iPhone x developer. Which group do you belong to? Are you a web developer? Maybe a React Native Developer?Are you a professional iOS developer making close to six figures, maybe above six figures?or are you still on your journey to getting that six figure mobile programming job?Either way, you need to master and maintain your mobile animation skill set. This course will do BOTH. Let’s talk.First you will develop an awesome Twitter heart sprite based animation button with UIImageView to start things off fun and interesting. This includes tiles that we will turn into an interactive sprite button within ten minutes of coding.Concepts – From Stuck, to Project Mastery.Before we can jump into more advanced projects, we need to cover basic even if you understand them.You will cover and review basic animation concepts that have very likely been stuck using. These mobile concepts includeUIView property animationsSpring Loaded Animations, yep even those fancy nice ones are basic.CGAffineTransform – yessir still pretty basic, keep reading.Step by Step. Enter UIViewPropertyAnimatorOnce we see the disadvantages of basic UIView animations we will learn & tackle the next level of animation ability in Swift and Xcode. This is where we take our iOS animation foundation and build upon it with UIViewPropertyAnimator for a different type of control which is explained in the free promo video of this course.UIViewPropertyAnimatorMini Project One – UIButton Control Subclass – NSLayoutConstraint Animations Intro.Here you will build a subclass UIControl button and utilize animations and programmatic auto layout which will be built straight within the class, not outside of it. UIButtonNSLayoutConstraintUIView property animationsQuartz Core – Core Graphics – Core Animation – What is the DIFFERENCE between these Swift frameworks, are they frameworks?After we have built a button control class and used more property based animations with UIViewPropertyAnimator, we will dive into a section purely reviewing Apple Developer Documentation. In this section you will be given an overview of the three framework / api topics and a general idea of what the key differences are.Apple Developer Docs Core AnimationCore GraphicsQuartzCoreCore Animation – CABasicAnimations, KeyPaths, and CASpringAnimations. UISlider too.It’s time to utilize your knowledge and turn it into tangible skill. Enter Core Animation. In this section we will build animations with CA based animation classes like ca basic animations and spring animations. We also talk about subclasses and superclasses in this section.CABasicAnimationCABasicAnimation.keyPathCASpringAnimationUISliderUIBlurEffectUIVisualEffectViewCAGradientLayer – It’s animatable.Next you will build and animate gradients with Core Animation.CAGradientLayerCAKeyframeAnimation – Helpful and Powerful.We then take a look at keyframe based animations and use them to build cool effects.CAKeyframeAnimationUIView.animateKeyframesCocoaPods – Use them sparinglyAn entire dedicated section to CocoaPods my friends.NVActivityIndicatorViewPopupDialogAnimatedSegmentSwitchAdvanced Project – Create an Elastic Snapchat Style Pull To Refresh Animation.This is where things get exciting. In this section you will put your skills to the test and build a Snapchat style drag to refresh animation with advanced core animation and ui classes.CAShapeLayerCADisplayLinkUIBezierPathThat’s it for curriculum until the next monthly update. Yes, this course is evergreen and will be maintained!Content.We love awesome animations, and this course will finally fill in your animation skill gap through video content. Maxcodes, your instructor, will teach you everything animations in Swift 5.2 & Xcode 10. You will not only learn commonly used animations in Swift & Xcode, but you will also learn advanced topics such as CAGradientLayer animations, programmatic NSLayoutConstraint animations, and even CABasicAnimations for specific animation keys such as shimmerKey to integrate animations you see on top tier apps like Facebook.Developers are not designers, well not all of them.It’s already hard enough to develop these animations with code, let alone design them. This course is designed to help you as a developer master your implementation skills in the least amount of time possible. We don’t want to spend hours trying to come up with awesome designs, we just want to know how to build them!Even if you ARE a designer; the first step is learning how to actually build these animations with pure code, and that is exactly what maxcodes teaches you in this course.Clean cut & professional.This course is designed to deliver you NEW programming skills through a clean cut, crystal clear medium via video tutorials. Rest assured, that I have designed this course to be clear, concise and to the point. Iwant you to learn, period.Let’s get it. Welcome to Swift Animations by maxcodes.