The Most Useful Excel Formulas



**** 2000+ Students enrolled ****To get the most out of Excel in the quickest time, you should learn the most useful formulas first. This course is aimed at teaching you the functions that you are most likely to use and that you will get the most benefit from.The course is divided into 5 sections:Basic functions like SUM and SUBTOTALFixed and variable formula referencesDate and Text functions like LEFT,MID,RIGHTLookups like VLOOKUPand SUMIFLogical functions like IF,AND,ORFinancial formulasEach lecture includes the spreadsheet used in the lecture, which you can download and use. The course also includes a summary and quiz at the end of each section.This course is not aimed at advanced users, but ratherat those new to Excel or those who are still not confident about using functions in Excel such as lookups (VLOOKUP, SUMIF) or logical tests (IF,AND,OR).Each lecture is concise and to the point – we don’t waste time on theoretical discussions, but concentrate on building essential Excel skills.