The Objection Playbook Course


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This coursepromises practical & comprehensive guidance that every financial advisor needs.Ranging fromtarget setting to practical objection handling, this invaluable course will show you step by step on how to deal with the toughest questions from your prospect.Here’s What You Can Expect To Learn:Understand the difference betweencold leads, warm leads and hot leads.Understand the process of how a lead become your client.Understand thefactors that contribute to customer objectionsLearn the37 types of common objectionface by financial adviser & step by step script on how you deal with it.Apply theuniversal objection circle(UOC) strategywhen dealing with objectionTurn negative objections into positive language.Be able to show empathy, getting the customer on your sideLearn about18 financial tipsthat you can value add your clientsLearn aboutretirement strategyand its technical aspect.