The properties of human language



This course is a basic introduction to linguistics, and touches on core ideas in phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, historical linguistics, typology, and sociolinguistics. Students interested in the language as a human tool of communication will find this course informative and useful in developing their own ideas and understanding the ideas current in the study of language. Students should be ready to think about language in way that is different than you may have been taught to think about it as a child.Students do not need to have any prior experience with linguistics, or with learning a language, the course is self-contained. There are video lectures, a quiz to test understanding, and a list of additional resources for each topic. This course can be completed as fast the as student can move through the information. Most students prefer to move through this information in a week or two. If you have ever wondered why you speak the way you do, why there are so many languages, or why humans use language, this course will answer your questions.