The Python Test: Test your Python Skills!



Applying for a Python related job? or going for a Python certification? or Just curious about Python secret stuff? thenThis course is for you!This course tests your Python skill and concepts in details. It points out your misunderstanding of topics. Thus, helping you better understand those topics. It helps you learn amazing Python trick by testing your Python knowledge. It teaches you new Python stuff by asking about rare know Python Power-User stuff.If you are applying for a Python related job,or going for a Python certification? do take this course first.It will help you revisePython stuff. It will help you strengthen your Python concepts. It will help you learn about some Python tricks you might not be aware of. It will help you understand why you do certain things that you are used to with out know why. And above all, It will help you learn new Python stuff.One last thing, this is our first attempt to get our friends and fellow programmers get a better grasp of topic so there are going to few mistake. Please, look out for such instances and let us know so that we can improvise. And based on your reviews,we will be updating the course content.Thanks!