The information in this course is from years of gathering, teaching and using the Power of the I AM and the Law of Attraction. Hundreds of thousands of peoplebreak the cycle of being pulled and pushed by their own unknown commands on the Law of Attraction. This class offers a fascinating and unique look into the extraordinary word of power “I AM”. The class is a step by step manual on the mental, spiritual and physical power of the mantra – I AM, which can be used to create wealth, promote healing, bring about extreme happiness and higher states of consciousness. As you learn to use your own “I AM” Power in this easy-to-follow manner, with suggested writings, simple keys to magnify The Law of Attraction in your life and detailed explanations of esoteric meanings, you will become more powerful than you ever knew you could become.Instead of philosophical words being used to understand the meaning of the Power of “I AM” and the “Law of Attraction”, the student is given practical steps to helpthem obtainthe natural power that is already hidden within.Become Certified in the I AM Power and Law of Attraction as a Master/TeacherDiscover how to help yourself & others withthe Power of I AM.This course introduces Beginning and Advanced Knowledge about thePower of I AM and the Law of Attraction, the history of the Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction and the science behind it.In the FirstSections – Level l (the Beginner Sections), you will explore the history behind these TWO powers -The Power of I AM and The Power of The Law of Attraction. You will become knowledgeable ofhow these powers work and begin to practiceusing these Amazing Powers in your life. These sections allow you to laythe groundwork for advancing and enhancing your ability to use the”I AM” and Law of Attraction Powers.As you continue to Section 4 – Level II(theIntermediate Sections)of this course you will gain Advance Knowledge of using the I AM Power and some of the KEYS for creating more POWERwithin. You will alsolearn about things thathave kept you from manifesting your goals. Here is where you begin to do work on yourself and your mind.These sections will Enlighten you as they will shed light onto your hidden fears,blocks, andself-doubts. These sections are where your correctiveactions take place. The knowledge behind these corrective actions are the mainreasons people fail to see the Law of Attraction working in their life. Mastering these sections are the KEYS to launching one into the mental state where the Power of the I AM can begin to be used.Once you move into Sections 10 and above – Level III (the Advance/Mastery Sections), you will learn SECRETSand MASTERY tools of manifestation. You will receive knowledge on the Ancient Arts of Manifesting,begin to Control Your Influence On Your Surroundings, SharpenYour Skills On Working With the Law of Attraction, and Gain the Advance Knowledge and Mastery Tools needed toincrease yourskills inManifesting Your Desires. After completing this sections, you will have the Knowledge needed for changing and manifesting in your own life.You will receive a comprehensive downloadable workbook as well as additional worksheets and articles that you must use in working in this course.This course can be used to enhance your manifestations in your personal, work, and business lives on many levels. It is also knowledge that can beused in yourbusiness forteaching and helping your clients and those around you.Why take this course?Individuals will benefit highly from the lessons inthis course. The methodologies introduced and taught here along with the additional workbook, free mp3s, andsupplementswill give the student what they need to start incorporating these Powers into their lives once they have completed this course.Every part of this course meets the highest levels of integrityThis curriculum is endorsed and reflects best practice in our training on the subject.This course is comprehensive and detailed.The 63Lessons incorporate with hours of teachings including:42+ videos lectures1 downable Mini Mind Meditation Movie1 complete I AM Power downloadableWorkbook,25 Supplemental (instructions, additional information, and article links)3 downable Mp3s Meditationand moreIt is MOST important that you learn to MASTER the principles taught. Here you can take your time, work with the material and have access to ask your questions. You also have lifetime access to the course materials and any updates that are made.You will also receive a unique and authentic The I AM Power Law of Attraction certificate (pdf) via email once you have completed the course.Who is the target audience?This course is intended for those new to The Power of I AM and the Law of Attraction or for individuals who want to take their knowledge to the next level of Manifesting. By learning and understanding this course material, students will have the opportunity to tap into their Hidden/Unlearned Attraction Power and Begin to Master these Truths.In this course, the “I AM”Power will be revealed. The student will learn where to find it, how they can obtain it, and how to use it at will for whatever they desire.Experience the power of “I AM” like never before!