The Sankaku Series: Apply, Defend, and Escape The Triangle



In this course you will learn:How To Manipulate, Control, Eliminate and Create Space when you need it and when you don’tHow To Utilize sankaku jime to completely improve, revamp, restructure and deploy a quality and robust newaza gameThe secrets to teaching sankaku and understanding what to teachHow to effortlessly move between turnovers, chokes and armbars with the correct movement patternsThe exact solo and dummy training drills and skills that will improve your sankaku gameThe ONE move when they are flat that works all the time because it brings and enormous amount of discomfort and pressure Get your hands on the “if-then” programming that you should have in place that takes the thinking away and allows you to submit, pin and control people seemlessly. You will be able to do this because you will understand how sankaku works from everywhereWALK AWAY FROM THIS PROGRAM WITH A GO-TO SANKAKU SYSTEM THAT YOU CAN IMPLEMENT AND USE TO WIN MORE MATCHES!!!!!Learn the KEY TO ACQUIRING THE sankaku from the turtleLearn EXACTLY why you must fall to the “back corner” when doing sankaku from the turtle postion and exactly what it does when you do thatExperience the “Aha Moment” that will come once you finally “get it” and see what it feels like to have a system in place that you can practice over and over again