In this social psychology course, explore what subliminal persuasion and the unconscious mind are, the methods and results of various scientific studies, and a meta-analysis of the efficacy of subliminal messages and imagery. Covering topics like priming, conditioning, and existing needs in relation to subliminal influence, you’ll gain insight into just how effective (or ineffective) these covert methods are to use in controlled situations and everyday life. Why Learn About Subliminal Influence?There’s no doubt that the notion of subliminal messaging is both intriguing and frightening! The idea that our minds can be influenced by information that we aren’t even aware of seems like a powerful covert tool that could be deployed for all sorts of reasons. But amidst the fear and the interest regarding this topic, people don’t really have a strong sense of whether it’s even possible! The typical presentations of this kind of information too often avoid any look at the results of careful scientific research in psychology that can help sort fact from fiction. In this course, I put it all on the table: based on the evidence, what can we say about the psychology of subliminal persuasion?Please note that this is not a “how to” course that will give you practical tools to perform subliminal persuasion. Instead, you’ll learn about research in psychology that illustrates the capacity for minds to process information unconsciously and the limits of these subliminal influences on our everyday choices and beliefs.Why Learn from Me Lots of people claim to hold the secrets to influence, but its too easy to dream up strategies that dont actually work. My goal in this course is to stay true to the hard data, published in scientific journals about social psychology. With a PhD in social psychology and years of experience teaching online and in college classrooms, Ill be your guide. I did the work upfront to find and understand the research, and now I bring it to you! So come on in! Im looking forward to guiding you through the science of subliminal influence.