The Secrets That Screenwriters Won’t Reveal



Ernest Hemingway oncesaid, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”.The quote sums up the task of writing. In writing career, we have reached the depths of despair many times.However never ever after learning the craft of storytelling. Our conscious pain led us to explore the depths of craft. And here we are now – equipped with lots of secretsand techniques in telling better stories and ready to share with you.In this course, we have dealt with commonly used techniques by all the screenwriters of the world. You will learn all those secrets and can effortlessly incorporatein your stories. Many insights from master storytellers, wisdom from great books, examples that you love, secret recipes of classic films – all are consciously and deliberately selected to make it easy for you.You will see the spectacular difference in your writing after taking this course. Rest assured. Join us with the journey and welcome to NewlightFamily. You will never regret.