In this course the students will learn how to create automated Excel dashboards. In details:how to connect form commands or ActiveX to values in cells and rangeshow to generate automated charts which will be updated just modifying a single value in one or a few cellshow to create dynamic images, which will be updated by changing some values in cellshow to use Excel functions and formulas to create tables and data sources and summary reportshow to use combined lookup and reference formulas to retrieve joined values between different tableshow to create variablecharts with data seriesgenerated dynamicallyThe course is conducted through examples.These examples covers Excel dashboards in the most popular business areas, in details:Dashboard testing activitiesInteractive Dashboard in Excel using HyperlinksInteractive Sales Chartseveral KPI dashboardsMake Dynamic Dashboards using Pivot Tables & SlicersCustomer Service DashboardProject Management Dashboard / Project Status ReportFinancial DashboardDuring the course and especially at the end some example will be done implementing Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The programming language to create macros and functions to expand the functionalites of Excel.