Today also ordinary people can start building an online business thanks to the Internet and the available and easily accessible resources.Everyone thinks that it is hard but the problem is we are not focusing on the right topic.The difficulty in creating, startup and boost a business is on us. We have not to start a business with a negative thinking approach.For this reason this course has the aim to remove the barriers around every individual before starting a business and start thinking and working as an entrepreneur.This course starts with the formula to change our mindset and become entrepreneurs.The success of a business is not in the product or service to sell but in the way it is promoted.In this course you will learn how to setup your marketing and sales funnel to maximize your profits and how to implement it into your website.You will see the most powerful strategies to make money in the long term and to capture leads in the meanwhile.You will understand why and how to set up a membership site will help you to make more money.I will guide into all the processes to promote on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and how to create your marketing messages and sales pages and tools using copywriting and advertising tactics and strategies as well as powerful marketing and demo videos.You will understand basic concepts of Email Marketing to start promoting with email campaigns.I will show you how to choose your market and create products using available content. You will see that even if you do not have any particular skill you can make it happen!You will also see a powerful and secret selling formula to get inspired from for your business.At the end you will be ready to start your business and you will have all the means, tools and knowledge to skyrocket it… Everything depends on YOU!