In this course, I’m gonna show you how to automate your infrastructure in the real world using the Serverless Framework on AWS, the number ONE cloud provider. Combining Both AWS and the Serverless Framework will position you to deploy apps using serverless technologies in the cloud while utilizing Amazon Web Services that scale automatically. Imaging doing this without managing servers?This course focuses on getting you up to speed with AWS and the Serverless Framework by:Presenting The Serverless Architecture MindsetCovering AWS Services Specifically For Serverless Development And DeploymentsProvisioning AWS Cloud Computing Resources like:API GatewayAWS LambdaDynamoDBIAMConfiguring Serverless Templates with YAMLDeveloping A Back-End APIYou will create AWS resources that will be accessible within any location of the world and we’ll do it within hours.Serverless Architecture can be used for:Cost-EffectivenessAutomatic ScalingOperational Cost ReductionFor this course, youll develop a back-end API for Products thatIntegrates with API Gateway, NodeJS and DynamoDBIs a REST API which will be completely stood up through a serverless configuration youll createPostman to invoke your API to simulate client-side integration.Know how to develop Serverless Technologies and STOP doing it the hard way. Imagine yourself being able to stand up an entire environment on the cloud AUTOMAGICALLY. Think about the amount of time YOU’LL save by doing things the same way, every time with every configuration down to the CLICK. You have 30 days to be refunded if you don’t like it so what is there to lose?