The Simple Way to Create Udemy Courses – Unofficial


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This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.Do you want to get started creating Udemy courses, but youaren’t sure what to do? Instead of recording talkinghead videos or screencasts, you can use PowerPoint to assemble a lecture as anarrated slideshow, and export it to video.You will learn a simple methodfor creating quality Udemy lectures using a Windows PC and a microphone. Thisstep by step method shows you how to install the software to enhance yourvideo, and how to use it. Over 80% of the video on Udemy is not talking head video. Here is the simple way you can start creating Udemy courses quickly.This is a simple method that anyone can use to produce qualitylectures for a Udemy course. You canteach without making talking head videos, and produce valuable elearning foryour students. This course teaches you exactly what to do, without frills ordigressions.Once you purchase this courseyou can use it forever, and Udemy offers a thirty day money back guarantee onthis course.Sign up now so you can start making Udemy lectures the simpleway.