The Storied World of the Bible


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The Bible can often be a mystery to those who read it. There are various narratives which combine to make a great story.We have a great story, which is Gods story, which is then the story of creation, with humans in the middle of it. We have Israels story, called to be the promise bearing humans. The story then becomes focused on David and his family as the ones who are specially charged of ruling Gods people and bringing Gods justice to the world. And with this vocation there comes the parallel temptation to abuse the vocation. Often, people wonder how the various stories, poems, prophetic texts, Gospels, and letters all fit together. And, indeed, they do fit together in ways needing to be understood by readers of the Bible. This course will unpack some of the questions surrounding the meaning of the Bible to bring a coherent sense of what is being communicated by the biblical writers. The Bible then, truly, becomes a Grand Story of God’s faithfulness.