Ever feel so stressed and anxious that the very thought of relaxing aggravates you? I know I did. I felt massively overwhelmed by an endless stream of projects and tasks and so wound up that any trivial glitch could make me explode! Eventually, I quit my high-stress job. But the stress and anxiety followed me down to the garden office! I read the advice online and tried all kinds of techniques to change my negative thinking. Some seemed to work. My inner stress-bunny was hidden but still there, ready to jump out whenever times got tough. It turns out that Id been looking for answers in the wrong place. Modern scientific research has shown that stress isnt just caused by high-stress jobs and difficult circumstances. It isnt just caused by negative thinking. Its also caused by the electric soup of chemicals in your body that are causing your cells distress. Understand how that works, unplug the power to that soup, and those overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety will fade away. Ive pulled this knowledge together into a short, practical online video course that shows you exactly how you can tackle your stress, step by step. Theres no woo-woo stuff here – The Stress-Less Sprint is based on research. Its also been tried and tested by me Judy Rees and my coaching clients around the world. In this training, Ill show you how to use your body to change your stressed and anxious feelings, so that you become happier and more productive. Then youll be in a strong position to make other changes you want in your life getting that job, that partner, launching your own start-up or whatever. The first lectures called Your Bodys Instant Chill Pill and thats honestly how fast it works! But the whole process will take a little longer. Review this course and youll know what to do. Take action, and within 28 days you can expect your level of stress and anxiety to have reduced significantly. You'll be starting a new chapter in your life.