The Two Minute Meditation Formula – Think Less, Achieve More



From the desk ofThe Atman of Sri Vishwanath(Bestselling Author of 15 books including The Secret of Bhagavad Gita..ranked in the top 50 in the world in Mind body and spirit by Amazon)If youre interested in bringing a lot of joy in your meditation and living the true purpose of your life this course will show you howLet me explainOn April 19th, 20th and 21st 2017 , I held an amazing seminar on How To enter into a superconscious state that will make you pain free.And in that seminar, I not only revealed the secrets to effortlessly entering into the superconscious state but also the secrets to transfer this awesome power into your daily life for maximum joy and profitsDoes that excite you?It should. Because Sri Vishwanath is truly a master of these two things. For example in 2016 he taught a small group of students with no prior meditation and spiritual experience six thousand years of wisdom in less than six hours Some claim another master holds this record but its disputable.Anyway, Sri Vishwanaths teaching worked so well, that people would listen to his live facebook videos three times a day. He had over half million people watching his videos in less than 3 months.And during the same period his kindle books were downloaded more than quarter million times in less than six months. Infact he had to hire 4 full time people to sort out the daily questions that was hitting his email from spiritual seekers.Not only that he started a whole show Ask Sri Vishwanath show to answer the questions which became the number 1 video podcast in Itunes USA in ReligionHowever thats one success story. Since then, Sri Vishwanath has racked up an almost unbelievable track record of amazing successes. But instead of marvelling you with how wonderful he is .. I want to get to the heart of the matter.And its this. For a limited time, Im going to re-release the complete step by step videos of his April seminar. This is the same stuff which others paid $7500. And as a special deal for you I am going to offer it for a two digit figure.