If you are interested in shooting, editing, and promoting your photos like a pro, this is the course for you. Ive created this course for the impatient artist those who are eager to start shooting immediately, rather than spending hours studying the history of photography. While most courses are cumulative and take forever to get to the good stuff, The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Photography is quick and to the point. This course is designed so you can jump around and learn the concept you want right away, whether its street photography, astrophotography (star shots), portraiture, cityscapes, long exposures, HDRs, or more. You can also follow the course in its original order for a more traditional educational experience! This course is designed for beginner photographers who want to: Learn when and where to buy affordable, high-quality photography gearMaster the exposure triangle shutter speed, aperture, and ISOUncover the use of every button on your cameraFrame beautiful images with the most effective composition rules and my signature layer cake photography analogyPlan photoshoot styles, locations, and subjects (in nature or the city!)Shoot a perfect sunrise/sunset photo with HDR (high dynamic range) photographyCreate gorgeous panoramas to capture a vast landscape or cityscapeShoot stunning portraits in the city, woods, or mountain topsCapture the Milky Way and stars with astrophotographyDocument cities and towns with techniques like street photography, cityscapes, bokeh, and night photographyCreate an online photo business with a polished website and dazzling Instagram to sell prints, book gigs, network with influencers, and moreIn Lightroom Classic, my preferred photo editing software: Import, organize, edit, and export your new photosUse the HSL tab, sharpening, local adjustments, and more to refine your imagesEfficiently editphotos with snapshots and presets (including some of my own, available for free download!)Develop your own workflow from start to finishWhy Learn Outdoor Photography?Whether youre traveling the world or wandering your town, outdoor photography fosters a new way to explore, makes you observant and appreciative of your surroundings, and connects you with nature, cities, and people like never before. Outdoor photography is adventurous, great for beginners, and doesnt require much extra equipment. This course is full of activities that put everything youre learning to the test. I always include 3 tiers of challenges base, bonus, and mega to accommodate a variety of skill levels and incorporate numerous skillsets. For example, section 7s activities range from shooting a simple cityscape to a portrait,with a cityscape in the background, to createa bokeh effect.There are also over 60 pages of downloadable PDFs with step-by-step guides for every shooting concept I cover, so you can take themwhileout photographing. I have alsoincluded several links throughout the course and PDFs to enhance the learning experience. Some of these links will be affiliate links. Many photography teachers like to give you a bunch of vague tips, expecting you to figure the rest out. Instead, I like to walk you through step-by-step, helping you immediately shoot advanced concepts, like astrophotography, that would typically be challenging to figure out as a beginner. I also make a living as an influencer, and have so much to teach you about being a photographer influencer, from building your site to collaborating with other influencers on Instagram. This is the best online photography course you’ll find! Fire up your passion for photography. Enroll now!