The Ultimate Guide to Homebrewing Beer


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Homebrewing Beer (aka Homebrewing 101)teaches studentshow to make craft beer from start to finish. Don’t fret if youre completely new to brewing, because this courseis intended for both beginners and homebrewersseeking to improve upon their current skill-set. Homebrewing Craft Beerconsists of the followingsections:General Beer Knowledge (learn brewing terminology,the difference between ales and lagers, and ingredients)Brewing Equipment (learn what you need to brew an extract or all-grain batch, and how to sanitize your gear)Developing Your Own Beer RecipeBeerSmith Software Crash CourseBrewing (Extract, Growler Kit and All-Grain)Troubleshooting Brewing Problems (learn how to avoid off flavours in your beer)By the end of this course, students will be able to develop their own beer recipes andproducebeautiful tastingcraft beer!