Memory. One of the most important parts of a human being’s life is the human memory.However sometimes, you memory works against you. You reality becomes different and the experience might effect you in a negative way. Memory has a lot to do with behavior, thoughts, learning, emotional stability, relationships and generally speaking, your entire life. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to improve and optimize your memory: Memory Is One Of The Things You Can Use To Gain A Competitive Edge In Today’s Competitive World. We All Know What Memory Is, But Most Of Us Don’t Understand How Memory Works, How Memory Can Be Enhanced And AmplifiedIn This Course You Experience A Scientific Fundamental Approach To First Understand Your Brain, And Then Understand The Human Memory Like You Never Did BeforeYou Will Learn The Psychological, Neurological And Biological Basis Of Your MemoryYou Will Learn About The Different Memory Systems That You Have To Use Them To Your AdvantageYou Will Learn About Every Day Memory Tools That You Can Use: Avoid The Tip Of The Tongue Memory Block, Never Forget People’s Names, Never Forget Where You Placed Your Keys, Never Forget Your Passwords…You Will Learn The Fundamentals Of Your Conscious And Unconscious Memory. You Will Also Explore Your Eidetic, Implicit And Explicit MemoryYou Will Learn How To Boost Your Memory And Creativity By Linking Them TogetherYou Will Explore Your Sensory Perceptional Memory, Your Visual Memory, Events Based Memory, Spatial, Temporal And Object Based MemoryYou Will Learn What You Need To Eat To Improve Your Memory And Cognitive Performance, As Well As Some Essential Nutrients And Supplements You Can UseYou Will Explore The Effect Of Learning And Linguistic Programming On Your Memory And Recalling AbilityYou Will Learn 20+ Tools, Formulas And Systems You Can Use To Optimize And Improve Your Memory And Cognitive Performance AbilityYou Will Lean Why We Forget Things, The Effect Of Musical Therapy, The Benefits Of Bliss And Silence, And Your Effective Memory Peg SystemYou Will Learn How To Lead A Healthy Life With Healthy Neurological StructuresYou Will Learn How To Manage Memory ProperlyYou Will Learn How To Control Your Emotions, Personality And MemoryYou Will Learn How To Change Habits Linked To Your MemoryThrough this course, you will first and foremost understand your memory, how it works from a neurological, psychological and biological standpoint. Afterwards you will understand how you can change memories and experiences by controlling the impact and outcome. Your memory will be an asset and not a liability. Enhancing and amplifying your memory ability has never been that easy.Furthermore, you will learn how to ensure cognitive dominance by boosting your focus, concentration, planning, and cognitive training. Finally, you will understand how you can rewire your brain into different streams of thoughts and conscious behavior.