Microsoft Project can take any managers skills up to the next level, simplifying the process of running a project, and keeping track of every last detail. Theres no better tool out there to make sure that you stay on-schedule and on budget. Whether youre a manager looking to improve your skills or are looking to develop management skills for the sake of a promotion, mastery of Microsoft Project is invaluable. Our Ultimate Microsoft Project Training 2010 Course contains beginner and advanced courses for Project 2010, so that no matter what version youre faced with, youll have the skills to keep up. This bundle includes: 17 hours of video tutorials 77 individual video lectures Optional quizzes to test what you’ve learned Certificate of completion Courses Included with this Bundle: Learn Microsoft Project 2010 During the Learn Microsoft Project 2010 video training course, your professional trainer guides you through project management topics such as task creation, resource management, cost tracking, using WBS codes, critical path reporting and more. Discover the building blocks of a project. Youll start with information gathering and documentation, and when you feel comfortable with those elements, you will move on to the basics of tasks and resources. Get detailed step-by-step guidance on how to assign and allocate resources. Learn to document a project as you go by properly defining costs and adding notesenabling full traceability. Learn Microsoft Project 2010 – Advanced Learn the value of defining costs up frontbaselining the costs so you can track them. Evaluate the project as you go from a detached view to determine resourcing problems. Through this Advanced Course, youll gain a deep understanding of how to assign, level, and divert resources so you can overcome resource problems and keep the project moving forward. Through Learn Microsoft Project 2010 Advanced, you will also discover how to divide a project into parts and combine them when necessary. You will learn how to create links and dependencies between projects and share resources. Finally, you will discover how to maximize critical tools: customization, macros, views, VBA, writing code, creating new macros, and importing and exporting. What people are saying: Excellent course overall, well worth investing time and money on. I recommend that participants practice many of the techniques learned on this Basic/Intermediate course before moving on to the Advanced course. – J. Burns I was a constant user of MS Project 2007 and was trying to make the leap into MS Project 2013. This course provided a great foundation from which to get comfortable with the new layout of the software plus to utilize the enhanced functionality. – J. Humphrey Everything are well explained, enrich with practice files ready to play along. Starting with the basics up to tricky Gantt Chart problems and more. – Arif N. This course was great very informative and easy to follow. Joann Bell