In order to obtain superpowers in our favorite video games, we often need to insert a few codes. When we do, we gain benefits like speed, time extensions, and maximum health. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get superpowers like these in real life? Well we can. This course will teach children (ages 9+) three simple codes to unlock life’s greatest superpower: Mindfulness.Over 25 years of scientific research shows that mindfulness reduces stress and boosts resilience. Thats why this course combines mindful best practices with creativity so children can lead happier and more fulfilling lives.”This course made me feel relaxed, focus, and listenmore. Thank you!” – Charlie S.,StudentLearning Goals:Whether children are new to mindfulness or have past experience with it, they will learn fun, step-by-step tools to start or maintain this life-changing practice.Explore The Benefits of Mindfulness for Children, Including:Positive behavior changeFocus, attention span, and memory boostsEnhanced ability to learn and higher grades.Resilience and stress-reductionDecreased test anxietyAcceptance of emotionsImprovements in sports and extracurricular abilitiesPraise for The Ultimate Superpower:I thoroughly enjoyed your course! I have already shared it with my colleagues…I love how mystudents learned other ways to practice mindfulness, like mindfullistening to music. – Camille G., EducatorLearn how to maintain the superpower in fun, accessible ways. This includes understanding mindfulness as a superpower, gamification, design thinking, and consistent maintenance techniques.Lifes ultimate superpower is only threecodes away. So, what are you waiting for? Lets get started!”Delivered with soul, humor, and expertise, these delivery and learning supports are second to none. -Mary Lisa H., Learning Strategist, mindSpark LearningOne-on-one coaching and aCertificate of Completion are available upon request.