This is One of the Most Powerful Sales Formulas Ever – AIDDA



Iwill keep this short and simple.AIDDA – That is one of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur, freelancer, solo professional, and anyone who wants to persuade and influence people today. Yet you have probably never heard of it. Every great marketing idea is based on this formula from radio and television broadcasting. Yet 90% of folks in the marketplacehave never been taught this, and have no idea what it is and how to use it.Good for you. By taking this short course you will learn this formula and how to use it. I will explain it and how you can use it in all of your sales, marketing, and media efforts. It is a game and business changer once you figure out how to do it, and in one hour you will learn it and start to change your life and business in how you connect with others.StanHustad