‘I enjoyed the variety of the content. Steve gave me many ideas of little steps that could make a big difference.” Lorraine M”I absolutely enjoy the concise information along with very relatable examples to illustrative the course content.” Chennay MTime Management and Productivity is a key skill for anyone who wants to be successful in life and turn their DREAMS into REALITY.Unfortunately, most people really struggle in these areas. Thus, they are likely to feel stressed and overwhelmed and a feeling that they are not working towards their most important personal goals.A goal is a dream with a deadline.-Napoleon HillPeople who have well developed best practices in terms of time management and productivity enjoy a tremendous advantage and reap the rewards of success both in their work life and in their personal life.THIS COURSE WILL TEACH YOU PRACTICAL BEST PRACTICES, TIPS, AND CONCEPTS THAT WILL HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME AND BE MORE PRODUCTIVE IMMEDIATELY.You will learn:How to reduce you email and voicemail by 90%.The #1 way to overcome procrastination.The Pomodoro Technique.The “Dont Break The Chain” method.How to use your most productive time.How to implement your most preferred communication method.How to use the Urgency Vs, Importance matrix to focus on what matters to you.How to be super productive using the 80/20 Rule.How to achieve excellence without becoming a perfectionist….and much more!The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. Abraham LincolnGet even more:Lifetime access to the course so you get updates and new bonus lessons for FREE.Ask questions and I will answer them for you. Very focused on this to personalize learning. Yes, even though the course is FREE, if you have a question l will gladly answer it for you.No risk to sign up and if you learn even one best practice or tip that could make a tremendous difference in your daily life.Please click the Start Learning Now button in the upper right corner and let’s get started.Many thanks and I appreciate your interest and hope to see you in the course!-Steve Ballinger