Time Management – A skills training course by one of the top rated instructors!If you are working through your lunch hour or, even worse, taking work home with you, you definitely need this course.If you need to help others to manage their time better, in everyday life as well as at work, then this online business course on Time Management will give you an easy method to teach them. It will give you the time management skills and knowledge to take control of the hours in the work day. It will easily enable you to spend more time on the important parts of your job and allow you sufficient time to handle the mundane and unimportant parts. You will also learn the difference between important tasks and urgent tasks and how to hand jobs effectively and efficiently. You will be taken through all the causes of time management problems, given time management tips and learn how to manage time.Please do remember, it will help you enormously if you complete both this and the Delegation Course. True time management needs both management skills.Why should time management skills be more important to a manager than the managing of any other resources, such as energy, budgets, personnel, tools, etc.? Well, because we can always increase or decrease all these resources – hiring employees, upgrade equipment, reduce energy costs, and so on. You cannot get more, or less, time. You can only use it or abuse (waste) it.Time management versus resource management. This online business time management course teaches you how to distinguish between efficient and effective; between management time and vocational time. And why? To simply give you more time management skills to manage your job.My course on Delegation must be done as a follow up to this course to improve your advanced management skills.