Transition from Excel to Tableau – Your 1st Step to Tableau



Do you want to learn a new skill to increase your chance of employability?Are you stuck with excel reports and dashboards, and looking for a new tool to increase the effectiveness and efficiency?Do you want to take your skills to next level in report and dashboard development?Do you want to learn tableau but confused with hard hitting technical courses?If the answer of any of above question is yes, then you should take this course.You should take this course to come out of your comfort zone of excel report and dashboard development and do amazing things in Tableau.You should take this course to see how tableau is changing the entire scenario of reports and dashboard development.You should take this course to increase your skills and your chance for better employment.You should take this course for a life long learning of an ever evolving tool Tableau.This course is for absolute beginners in tableau and you just need to have a good understanding of how you can develop the reports and dashboards in excel.