Learn how to protect yourself, travel companions, and personal property with easy to learn skills and strategies. You’ll have the confidence to handle the vast majority of situations that arise when overseas.Are You Concerned About Staying Safe Overseas?At the end of this travel safety course, you will have the confidence, strategies, and skills to travel the world safely. The course includes over 3 hours of HD Video, useful checklists and worksheets, supplemental resources, offline practice exercises, and an easily accessible instructor. Learn how to enhance your safety, the safety of your travel companions, and protect your personal property with this comprehensive international travel safety course.Learn the Skills and Mindset for Staying SafeSkills and MindsetLearn the skills and mindset needed to stay safe overseas and adapt to a wide variety of environments.Destination ResearchLearn how to properly research a destination, understand government travel warnings, and evaluate risks.Personal Safety and Life Long SkillsMany skills learned in the course will enhance your safety at home and keep you safe on all your future travels.Interactive Course and Friendly SupportA highly interactive course made up of HD Video, offline practice exercises, useful checklists, and accessible friendly support staff.Learn the Skills Professionals UseLearn skills militaries, law enforcement, and security professionals use including situational awareness, keeping a low profile, operating on a needs to know basis, and risk management.Skills, Tips, and Strategies for EveryoneThe skills, tips, and strategies are easy to learn and can be applied by anyone whether 8 or 80. These are lifelong skills for all travelers and many skills apply to your personal safety at home.