Treat & Heal shoulder & neck pain in WEST swimming technique



In this course you will learn how to train while having an injury which means not working on your painful area but learning how to treat and heal your shoulders, neck, elbow and wrist without even touching the painful area and letting the water do the job for us.Some of the swimming coaches will say they hope their swimmer will break one of his hands!!!, of course they don’t really mean that, but what they mean is that they will really want to work on their swimmers’ legs, dolphin kick, core muscles and more.In this course-shoulder WEST course, you will learn how to use the pain to strengthen your body, elongating your muscles, loosen the painful part and learn how to swim a little different which means swim the WEST way.You will get 5 different workouts, & 1-10 videos for each workout in order to understand the drills better.You don’t need to think. We did the thinking for you!!And the amazing thing is, that you will probably swim faster afterwards- due to your pain.I don’t believe in resting when getting injured. It is bad for the brain, bad for the body, energy, heart and much more. So if you know how to swim at least 300 yards (260 meters) or more and you feel pain in your shoulder, neck, scapula, wrist, and elbow or if you have a frozen shoulder, this course is definitely for you.