The best swimming technique in the world to treat lower back pain Learn to swim freestyle from zero to hero, from 0 to 1000m freestyleSwim with Ori Sela an Hydrotherapy expert, National Israeli open water coach and founder of this revolutionary hydrotherapy swimming technique called WEST. The only online swimming course which is personalized to each and every swimmer.More than 100,000 swimmers in 150 countries learned and treated lower back with WEST swimming technique. The WEST freestyle swimming course will teach you how to swim in the healthiest swimming technique in the world! The WEST swimming technique relaxes your body, treats neck/back pains and helps your recover after any injuries you may have. Today we understand that one must adjust  to his physical abilities and lifestyle, rather than force his body to train in one general way.The WEST swimming technique is based on 3 factors suiting itself to each swimmers body shape, physical ability and lifestyle. The technique is specifically modified in order to ensure that each  individual swimmer benefits.   Today’s modern lifestyle has taken its toll and nearly 70% of the population suffer from neck and lower back problems (mainly caused by stress and overloading.)During this course you’ll enjoy and gain greatly from the many swim WEST benefits and hopefully feel the positive impact it has on you and your quality of life. The only personalized swimming technique in the worldIn this course:  1. Learn and improve your freestyle swimming technique.  2. Learn how to swim taking a breath after every 3 strokes, also learn to swim 1000 m freestyle with a loose and easy swimming technique.  3. Get 10 different swimming workouts – every swimming workout has 10+ videos that will help you understand exactly how to do each training drill.  4. Learn how to stretch your muscles during and after your swimming in order to protect your joints and elongate your muscles – this is really important and helps prevent injuries!  5. If you practice 2 days a week, the course will take you 15 weeks, if you practice 3 days a week, it will take you only 10 weeks.6. Learn to swim according to your flexibility level and understand the difference between you and Olympic swimmers.  The amazing thing about the WEST swimming program is that you don’t need to think!! We’ve done all the thinking for you- you just need to swim!All you need to complete the course is a swimsuit, fins, goggles  and a big smile!Come on, jump straight in!