Trumpocracy – Trumps President Trump


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We use it already – we rate our restaurants, hotels, friends on Facebook with a 1 to 5 Star Rating – the BESTRESTAURANTS then RISE to the TOP of the heap and these are the ones we trust to eat in, stay in, visit. Why not use the most powerful technology ever invented – The INTERNET – to rate the candidates who want to be our leaders AND all of their wacky ideas that they force upon us. TRUMPOCRACYis that system. We are appealing to everyone in America to JOINthe new TRUMPOCRACY because Donald Trump said he wanted to make America Great Again – but he can’t do it alone. In the recent Presidential Election over half of the Electorate chose NOT to VOTE because they knew that the elections are going to result in more of the same old same-old. For the rest of the Electorate, we were frustrated once again as we are once again given the CHOICE of the LESSEROFTWOEVILS. They keep proclaiming that we enjoy a Democracy inAmerica, however, our present system of BIGMONEY simplyBRIBING our leaders is hardly what anyone would classify as a real democracy in any way, shape or form.Donald Trump promised us a REVOLUTION – a way to GETREALCHANGES – a way to get the POWER back in the HANDS of the PEOPLE”. Trumpocracy is the only way to hold his feet to the fire of these promises and help the government know on a day to day basis what it is we WANT and DEMAND that they do in our name. We must take the POWERBACK from the hands of the MULTI-NATIONALcorporations who export all of our jobs, over-charge us for their products and even REFUSE to PAYTAXES. In this course, you will learn how we will get our country back using the METHOD of TRUMPING the TRUMPSTER himself. USINGthe biggest and most well-known branding mechanism in history, we willBEND this AMAZINGENERGYinto real positive change – and a real REVOLUTION for DEMOCRACY ATLAST!Trump said that the elections were rigged and he was right. Yet – he got elected in the rigged system. How amazing is that? Trump also says the HEALONEcan FIXthis country’s problems. God Forbid us or any other nation from allowing only one man to solve problems. In a democracy, they must be solved by the participation of us all.Trumpocracy is the only way to fix all of this.