Ultimate Microsoft Project 2016 Course – Beginner to Expert



**Course includes practice exercise files, LIFETIME access and is covered by the Udemy money-back guarantee**** Claim 18.75 PDUs**Learn Project 2016 Inside and Out with This 2-Course Training Bundle               Includes 2 complete courses: The Project 2016 Beginner Course & The Project 2016 Advanced Course   Includes 18 hours of high-quality training by your professional trainer   Taught by a Certified Project Manager with real project management experience   Practice along using exercise files   Watch and learn with demo project files    Progresses logically from the beginning with an easy intro to advanced topics   Printable course transcriptions to follow along and take notesKeep Track of Projects from Start to Finish With Microsoft’s Comprehensive Program   Microsoft Project is Microsoft Corporation’s project management software.     Over the years since its initial development, MS Project has become one of the most widely used project management applications in existence. It provides assistance to project managers and coordinators by organizing plans, resources, tasks, budgets, workloads, and much more, all while keeping track of a project’s overall progress from start to finish. Knowledge of Microsoft Project can be an invaluable tool for anyone whose work requires the orchestration of long-term projects and plans.    Contents and Overview for the 9-Hour Project 2016 Beginner Course   This course starts right at the very beginning. It doesn’t assume you know anything about Microsoft Project, so beginners will feel right at home.   The first video lesson introduces you to the software. You’ll learn how to get your own copy of Project 2016, see what’s new in version 2016 and explore the structure of this course.   The second chapter takes on the basics you need to begin using Project 2016. It first discusses the Help section where you can get answers and tutorials for any question that comes up. This chapter also discusses creating a Workspace, using Toolbars, Ribbons, and the Status Bar.   Continue on as you learn how to use Touch, Task basics, and Project Options. By now you will have become proficient with Project 2016. The chapters that follow lead learners through all the various aspects of managing a project.    These more advanced topics carry you through Tracking Costs, Tracking the Project, Budgeting, and Reporting.   Each topic is explained with its own professional video that shows you in detail how to properly use the function. Nine hours of insightful video give you an in-depth understanding of each topic.    63 individual lessons are included. Upon completion of the course, you’ll have an excellent mastery of Microsoft Project 2016.  Contents and Overview for the 9-Hour Project 2016 Advanced Course   Even difficult features and activities are made easy. This course keeps things understandable and logical to follow. It starts with an overview of the course structure and how to get the most out of the training.   Chapter 2 launches into Consolidation and Resource Sharing, giving you advanced insight into how to create efficiency with staff and materials. This is often where major savings begin for a business or organization that uses MS Project.   Chapter 3 shows you how to set up recurring tasks to save lots of time and effort. Chapter 4 instructs you how to set up custom fields, an advanced activity that lets you customize MS Project for your company or project.   Chapter 5 delves into Outline Codes and WBS codes. It’s important to note each chapter is concluded with an exercise. This gives you the opportunity to practice applying concepts and actions in real-life situations.   Chapter 6 lets you master all advanced aspects of the Costs section of MS Project 2016. This gives you the ability to control cost across multiple projects to bring them all in under budget.   Subsequent chapters show you how to customize a number of aspects of MS Project, create a variety of helpful reports and how to use macros.  * Includes quizzes, exercise files, demo files and certificate of completion** Updated July 2017: English close captions added** Updated June 2017. Course transcripts now available.       What People Are Saying:   I think the course is very comprehensive for beginners to Microsoft Project. Even if you are familiar with most of the common Microsoft Office programs, the guidelines presented serve as a very useful refresher. -Johan Deosaran    Wonderful Examples and able to follow along nicely with clear descriptions and lay out. I am finally able to understand the basic usage of MS Project 2016. Terri Leedy