The first Umbraco CMS course on Udemy!Umbraco is a CMS(Content Management System) platform that allows developers to create websites that are tailor made for their clients. As a CMS it provides great separation between code and content management. It’s flexibility is what makes Umbraco one of the most versatile CMS systems on the market.In this course you will learn the fundamentals you will need to manage, maintain and customise your Umbraco website. In the course you will be using version 7.10.4 which was released on Tue Apr 24 2018. The course also contains Umbraco Version 8 updates and a lecture on the differences between the two versions.By the end of the course you will be able to:Set up UmbracoNavigate through the backofficeCreate document typesUsing the gridCreating templatesCreating MacrosUsing the Query BuilderSelecting from the Umbraco databaseMini ProfilerAs part of this course you will see how to utilise Visual Studio to set up your very first Umbraco Sample Website. We will then use this website to identify all the different elements of the backoffice. You will then learn how to extend their functionality in order to better meet requirements for your site.For this course it will help if:You had Visual Studio installedBasic understanding of C#Some experience with other CMSsHowever, none of these are required as this will be covered in the lectures.Who is the target audience?Students willing to learnStudents who are determined to finish the courseStudents who wish to learn about UmbracoStudents who will be working with Umbraco backofficeStudents who will be managing an Umbraco installationI hope this course meets all your expectations and helps you progress your Umbraco career.