A complete Umbraco Forms Guide!In this course you will learn how to set up, use and extend functionality in Umbraco Forms. We will go through an installation guide, followed by a detailed overview of how to set up forms and create condition based functionality. Finally we will review how to extend existing Umbraco Forms functionality, like adding new property fields, custom workflows and override the default forms controller to get further control over existing functionality.Umbraco is a CMS(Content Management System) platform that allows developers to create websites that are tailor made for their clients. As a CMS it provides great separation between code and content management. It’s flexibility is what makes Umbraco one of the most versatile CMS systems on the market.Umbraco Forms is an Umbraco CMS plugin that provides an intuitive user interface for creating forms on your website. It provides a simple to use form editor with advanced workflow functionality that can be connected to your website and external systems or CRMs. In addition to this Umbraco Forms provides a reporting view on all form entries that can be easily viewed from the website backoffice.