Understanding and Working With Spiritual Symbols



Spirit often communicates to you through symbols, whether youre receiving information through dreams, meditation or intuitive insight.Sometimes, when Spirit speaks, the message is clear. You turn on the radio and the song thats just starting has a message that rings true. But sometimes, the meaning seems hidden or symbolic. You ask what the next step is in your current career and see a dragonfly. Or you meditate on your health and get a strong smell or taste of oranges. What does that mean?Knowing your personal definitions of common symbols allows you to decipher the message. And while you can look up the general meanings of symbols in psychic symbol or dream dictionaries, what it means to you might be different.Learn more about your intuitive and psychic symbols, how to listen for them and figure out what they mean to you in this class with Rev. Joanna Bartlett. Rev. Joanna Bartlett is a Spiritualist medium certified by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.