Understanding Feasts, Festivals and Holy Days in the Bible


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This course is divided into four sections. Section 1 provides a welcome and overview of what is covered in the course. Section 2 examines the first five of the nine Holy Days found in the Old Testament. Section 3 examines the final four Holy Days of the Old Testament. Between Section 2 and 4 is a mid-term exam consisting of 25 questions. There is also a final exam following section 3 that also consists of 25 questions. Each lesson contains a video lecture that located in the "virtual classroom of the instructor. Items that are covered in the video lecture includes the history, background and roots of the Holy Days, their Hebrew names, the common practices of the people who observe the Holy Days and the relationship between those Holy Days and much of what we believe today. Student taking the course will find that their knowledge and understanding of the Old Testament and the Judaeo-Christian religion is widely expanded as a result of their participation in this course. For those with a hunger for knowledge, this course is for you.