Understanding the Middle Ages



The purpose of the course is to clarify key points of medieval history and discover causes and connection between historical events and their aftermath during the Middle AgesAt the end of this course students will be able to develop their knowledge about the Middle Ages. They will have a better understanding of the social and political environment of the period as well as motives and lifestyle of medieval people.My course consists of 6 sections and 12 lectures:Introduction(motivation, purpose of the course)ollapse of the Roman Empire (Impact of the Roman Empire,Economy and social life, Barbarization, Crisis of authority)Middle Ages( The main features of the Middle Ages)Early Middle Ages (The Byzantine Empire and the Rise of Islam, Frankish Empire, Vikings, Turkic tribes, Slavs and Hungarians)High Middle Ages (The main characteristics of the High Middle Ages)Late Middle Ages ( The main characteristics of the Late Middle Ages )ConclusionsSo enjoy your learning and find out simple ways to understand the Middle Ages.