Are you thinking of getting a website developed for your personal or business use? In this course we will cover a step by step guide to put you on the road to success. Here at Website Candi Inc. have built over 100 website. We will help you understand all the in and outs to having a website built. By the end of this short course that you should be able to digest in one setting will help your web design project along in a expeditiously way. In the first chapter we will cover: 1. How to get a Domain Hosting and Emails 2. How to get a landing page 3. What we need from Mailchimp 4. How to use Dropbox 5. Picking your Framework 6. How to deliver Copy 7. Connect with us 8. How to grant us Web Access 9. Time Share your New Website All clients of Website Candi Inc. get this course for free (coupon) as an added bonus. =)