This course is aiming to be a complete guide on how to create games with Unity program.I am coding games for almost 10 years and I was using many frameworks and programs but Unity is the most complex game engine and the one that offers most possiblilities to create games.Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with programming and/or game development,I will teach you how to create games the fast and correct way, using unity asset store.When you complete the course you will be able to:learn the basics of Unity interfacelearn how to do basic things in Unity from scratchlearn the basics of programming in c#Create a platfomer game using muliple engines from Unity asset storeintegrate mobile ads, gamecenter, google playservices, In-app-purchasesCreate a FPS gameCreate a racing gamecreate a match 3create RPG gamesCreate adventure gamesCreate soccer gamescreate battle games, chess tower defence and all sort of gamesusing the best 100+ asset store packages to boost your game potentialWhat do you need to complete this course:a copy of unity game enginethe paid asset that you want to create a game using it