This is a course that covers lighting for “Unity 5” and does not included any updates for current versions of Unity.A new course is being created to cover all the material needed for lighting inUnity 2017. Check the “Announcements” section for details concerning the new course. If you are still using Unity 5 and want to learn about lighting forthis version of Unity than this course is for you. Otherwise check back often to find out more about when the new course will be released.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-What sets an average game apart for a truly amazing visual experience? How can you take your scene from Oh, that’s cool to Wow, that’s AWESOME!. There are many facets that go into making a game look amazing, but when all’s said and done the final polish for most any game comes down to lighting.If you’re an army of one powering through your own game or a small studio of talented,driven individual, this course will get you up and running with the latest and greatest that Unity 5 has to offer for lighting your projects. In this example based course you’ll be introduced to the basic Unity lights and get to know their properties. You’ll learn how to control Unity shadow properties and fix common shadow related problems in your scenes. With this solid foundation under your belt you’ll be ready to tackle more advanced topic like skybox lighting, Realtime Global Illumination, light map baking, and the all new light probe system.At the end of this course you will have mastered all the latest unity lighting features needed to bring a new level or realism to your projects. You’ll be able to up the quality of your portfolio work and set yourself apart when it comes to landing that next job. If you’re serious about using Unity as a platform for your creative ideas, then don’t pass up this chance to set your work apart with this course on Unity 5 Lighting Fundamentals.