Important: all software used are FREE to download and use on PC, LINUX and MAC computers (no need to pay, cheers!)In this course you will learn how to use Unity3D to build a professional multiplayer combat system.Why would you want to learn how to build a combat system? Because any good online multiplayer game out there uses a combat system where players can fight eachother in player versus player mode and players can also team up together to fight powerful enemies and bosses. This is the core foundation of multiplayer games. All the great games out there are using it, look at Star Wars, or World of Warcraft or MineCraft or even Pokemon. That’s exactly what you will be making by taking this course. We will start by creating melee combat using shields and sword fighting and then we will go into ranged combat using magic firebolts and bows and arrows. Isn’t it exciting already?This course can be taken by anyone even if you’ve got no programming skills. This course is meant for non-artists, meaning you don’t have to be an artist to be able to use 3D pixel art graphics since this course provides all the necessary assets for you. The only tool we use in this course is Unity 3D, and it’s completely free to use. No need to spend extra money.This course is easy to follow along since all the steps are shown to you in the video lectures, so you can’t possibly miss a step, and it’s a lot more fun that reading documentationThe skills that are taught in this course are the foundation of any professional video games and they can be applied to all your future projects. Join the course now, you’ve got nothing to lose because if i don’t deliver, you’ll get a full refund. I’ll see you in the videos lectures and in the course forum.