Unity 5 techniques to generate unique worlds quickly



Have you ever wanted to build video games where players go on adventures and explore fantastic worlds full of amazing characters and treasures?Remember Zelda, World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy?Now you can do it too! Thanks to this course that comes with the Unity World Generator, anyone can now create unique worlds with just a few clicks. No kidding! All it take is to generate a terrain (a few clicks), then generate the village (a few clicks), and voila!Complete Unity project and packages to build fantastic unique worlds with just a few clicks.You will end up with a fully working, uniquely generated village to create fantastic games.This is great to create prototypes, as well as getting a head start then customizing the world with your own characters, bosses, treasures and quests!Focus on the fun stuff, and let the Unity World Generator take care of the rest…Make sure to take a look at all the screenshots. The terrain and village were generated under 30 seconds. Incredible isn’t it?!Note: The PRO edition comes with plenty of prebuilt items such as houses, walls, bridges, lanterns, carts, banners, animals, trees, windows, tables, chairs, roofs, mailboxes, flowers, rocks, grass, barriers, flags, and much more… (including many scripts)Create any terrains and villages in no time. The pro pack will save you time and efforts so that you can focus on the fun stuff.The unlimited use allows use to reuse this product for all your future projects.