Android game development is a growing trend in the world. We are all currently living in the era of applications andgames.Whether you want to learn and practice C# skills, or you want to be creative and create your own game, this course will teach you everything you need to know.There is no better way to learn how to make your own originalgamethan by re-creating popular Android games.Usedifferent types ofColliders, Triggers, Rigidbodies,Create endless gamesCreatemenus and buttonsRandomly spawnobjectsUseparticlesAnimateobjectsAddsound effectsAddand savehigh-scoreRunthe game on your Android deviceand many more interesting lessons are waiting for you in this course.Re-create Color Switch, aa, Flappy Bird, and Dino T-Rex! We will provide you all needed sprites, fonts, icons, and sounds.Recreating all four games will put powerful knowledge in your hands. You can alsoadd your touch to every game and upload it to Play Store.If you have an idea that could bethe next famous,addictive game, then this course will help you realize your idea into an actual game. All this will be done using Unity, theultimate game platform suitable for beginners and professionals,and C#, simple and powerful object-oriented programming language. The four games that we will re-create will be compatible with the most popular Android versions (From Jelly Bean, all the way up to Android Oreo).Through the course of 64 lectures, in total ofseven and a half hours, you will learn how to create projects and import given sprites. What is important for beginners is to learn aboutRigidBodies, Colliders, and Triggers, how to add them onto object and use them in C# scripts. Next thing that we will explain thoroughly ishow to control objects (move, run, fly, stop, jump..) using scripts.Next step in learning is to learnhow to animate objects and add particles for making the game more dynamic and sound clipsfor sound effects.Every game developer needs to know how to add a score, game over text, and menu. This course explains you how to do it in a few different ways.There is no game without someobstacles, therefore, we explained few different methods for spawning obstacles.Everything you need to do is to install Unity and be focused on learning from our course!