I have covered somewhat abstract subjects so far, now it is time to apply this knowledge to actual game programming.In work field, as Client game programmer, you are required to actually implements game design document and game designer’s thought, game concept.So how to code actual game?At this lecture, with actual game example, famous Diablo3, I will actually code its skill system usage and UI.From the complete zero base, starting to make abstract class for diablo3’s skill systems.In this course, you will learn,1. How to actually code Diablo3’s skill usage system.Making abstract class, and making each specific skill class, skill list variable to access them all and set them all.2. How to make Diablo3’s skill window UI (User Interface).From scratch, you will learn actual diablo3’s skill window’sUI implementation.3. How to make Diablo3’s key assignment system.So in diablo3, you can use skill by press 1~4 keys. And you can change skill and can assign different skill to those same keys. How to make it?4. Finally, how to use Coroutine from not inherited monobehaviour class?You will learn each skill’s usage coroutine for make skill effect that is maintaining for a while.Let’s see at class.