Do you:Use Unity but are uncomfortable with C# scripting?Have a game idea want to learn to code it effectively?Work with programmers and want to understand the scripts they write?Want to learn programming in a fun and game-oriented environment?This course is for you!In Unity Programming Fundamentals, instructor Benjamin Marshalkowski (from Board To Bits YouTube tutorials) takes you through the basics of programming, C# as a language and writing custom scripts to work within the Unity Engine. You’ll learn about:Course IntroductionThis section of the course outlines the rest of the course material and introduces you to the tools with which you’ll be working — including how to get everything installed and running so you can write your first custom C# script.Programming BasicsBecome familiar with the foundational concepts of programming, including working with data in variables, calling methods, evaluating conditional statements and working with collections of data.C# SpecificsDive into object-oriented programming (the basis of C#), including how things like inheritance and polymorphism make classes more versatile. We’ll also cover how to declare and define custom classes, and best practices when writing code in C#Unity-Specific ObjectsThis section is a primer on the most commonly used objects that are unique to Unity’s environment. It’s an essential stepping stone to working with more complex features and classes in UnityHow Scripts CommunicateA program — particularly one built in Unity — is a network of various scripts communicating with each other to create an engaging system. Here, we’ll cover all the ways that scripts can interact, using explicit commands, manual assignments or relying on events in Unity to connect essential componentsGoing From Script to SceneBring your scripts to life as we go in detail on how the classes we write interact with and inform the GameObjects they attach to in the game Scene. We’ll also cover non-component elements like data classes and ScriptableObjects to expand our scripting toolkits.Course features:Learn at your own pace: Every video is under 15 minutes long, and most are less than 10 minutes, so you can make progress at any timeIllustrated concepts: In addition to hands-on exercises in most sections, lectures include visual aids to help describe advanced conceptsAdaptable content: These core fundamentals will help you across all programming, not just a specific feature or project