The main goal of this course, as its name suggests, is to teach you how to perform movement, rotation and scaling of Unity gameobjects. In the Position section, we will start with the vector math basics. Each lecture represents a task that you could try to do yourself after I give you some theory and code examples. Well cover most if not all the ways you can move an object or calculate its position:By using transform methodsBy using Matf and Vector methodsBy applying velocity to the rigidbodyBy using animationWell cover vector operations such as addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, dot and cross products and normalization, and try them out in real game development tasks you might face.Next, well take a look how to use Euler Angles and Quaternions in order to Rotate your gameobjects. Ill show you pros and cons of each approach and, of course, provide you with some challenging tasks to solidify your new knowledge.Finally, you will work with the Scale. In this rather small section you will learn how to change the object size to achieve your goals such as a sprite flip or modifying the parent object without affecting the children. We’ll also take a look on how to scale the 4-th dimension – the time itself. In this course, you will also learn how to get input from different sources such as keyboard, mouse and touchscreen, take a look at raycasting, rigidbody, and a lot of other cool stuff that you can use during the game development. And of course you can freely experiment with the code I provide with my repository.