If you like learning by doing, then this is the right course for you. In this course, we will dive deeply into game development using Unity game engine. You will learn all the powerful features that Unity 3D provides. You will be able to utilize game assets in your future projects. You will be able to apply all the skills gained from this course into your own projects and games. You will build a fully featured infinite runner game from zero, and prepare it for publishing at Play Store. You will learn the following: Unity Projects Initialization. Importing Assets to your Game. Game Environment Design.Game Quality.Scripting in C#.Player Controller and Movement.Player 3D Animation in Unity – [Idle – Run – Jump – Slide – Left – Right]Handling User Input.Camera Controller.Level Design.Skybox Design.Enemy Controller [Cars and Obstacles]Enemy Animation Adjusting Collider Size regarding Animations Game Pickups [Coins – Hearts]Designing Particle Effects using Particle Systems and Textured Materials. Making the Level Infinite. Instantiating new Game Objects Dynamically. Handling Pivot issues. Switching between Cameras.Designing Awesome User Interface UI [Player Interface – Main Menu – Pause Menu – Game Over Menu – Help Menu – Developer Menu] Switching between Sprites.Level Management.Storing Player Data.Adding more Challenges.Achievements User Interface.Light. Audio Effects.Android Touch Screen.Lock and Unlock Player Assets.Admob Advertisements. Learning all the above-mentioned skills will unleash your creativity and innovation in your future games. ——So if you are interested in this course. Enroll now to get started!