Unlock the ‘Good Life’ – Strategies for Finding Your Passion



Some of you may have completed my course ‘Unlock the ‘Good Life’ Start Today, Beliefs & Values’, if you have well done, this is a follow on course for you. Others may be new to ‘Unlock the ‘Good Life’. Either way this course is acrucial part of yougetting the ‘Good Life’. If you do not lovewhat you do daily, then this is definitely the course for you.This course is about ME helping YOU make some changes in your life,so thatyou can start moving towards the ‘Good Life’. Finding what you are passionate about, is so important, but it is not always as easy to identify as people think. Plus our education system as whole does not empower us to follow our passions. You will learn so much information and strategies to assist you infinding Your Passion, Your Edge. I call it Your Edge, because it is something that makes you stand out;makes you feel good about you;makes you want to get up every morning; makes you feel alive.Don’t we all want that? Well I certainly do.I amfortunate that now Iabsolutely lovewhat I do, but its taken me nearly 20 years to get there. I believe I have a very Good Life. How did I get here? Lots of personal development, lots of seminars, lots of training, Lots of teaching, lots of reading and lots of DETERMINATION & ACTION (steps I took) to make the necessary changes in my life. And that is what I want to share with YOU, how you can get their too. So join me on this exciting journey of You Finding your Passion, Your Edge.I will assist you along the way, not only will you get my lectures, you will receivea downloadable Ebook, and the critical thing to make this a success for you is, you will have access to my email, so you can ask me specific questions that are relevant to you and that mayneed an individual personalised answer to help you move forward.If you believe this is the course for you, which if you have read all of the above I really think it is, then enrol today and lets get started. I am looking forward to working with you. Lets do this.!!!