UP-CYCLE your watercolor paintings to make greeting cards.



EXTRA lecture addedAre you ready to turn your painting passion to good use? Then get ready to have even more painting fun by up-cycling some ofyour pictures into cards to send on any occasion.So you have been busy painting away and are building up quite a collection of paintings of all different subjects andsizes . You may even have a folder of unfinished ones, disastrous ones and maybe ones that you might frame and exhibit or sell…..one day !What ever you have wouldn’t it be nice to recycle the ones which arehanging about into original greeting or holiday cards? Just think of the money you could save,how impressed your friends and family will be with an original hand painted and crafted card AND how some people may even want to buy them?I give you tips on how to cut up and even weave your paintings to give them a new lease of lifeWho knows you may even start a little business. How creative is that? So sort out your paintings, get ready to have some funand let’s get started.